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Ageless Teenagers feature in the Daily Mirror, Express & the Star

Our work as attracted a news article from the national tabloids.

Read the article that featured January 2020 below!

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We feel young again

How a Gladiators champ and an ex karate ace are giving older people a new lease of life with the help of the National Lottery.

Seniors can let their hair down and enjoy a mix of fun and friendship

Weininger Irwin


Young at heart

Mrs P (left) and one of her friends.

Line dancing and athletics aren’t usually high on the list of activities for most 93 year olds.

But then again, Mrs Palmer-Wade – known as Mrs P - isn’t like most people her age. The east Londoner is the most senior member of the Ageless Teenagers, a local charity that is tackling loneliness and giving pensioners a new lease of life through activities like dancing, exercise, karaoke and yoga.

“We’ve always wanted to do something for the older generation” says Janice Irwin, 56. The former ex world karate champion co-founded the with her husband Weininger, 56 – a winner on the first series of the ITV show Gladiators.

“We have been in the fitness industry for a long time and done a lot of work with the older age group”, explains Janice.

Then in 2016 we took part in the BBC series ‘Back in Time for Brixton‘ where’re experienced whatnot was like to live in the period from the 1950s to 1990s, just as many of our seniors did for real”. “

That was our inspiration”.

The project started without any funding, as a Caribbean Tea Party. Weininger and Janice simply invited people from g to heir community in Ilford east London to come and enjoy an afternoon together. The party has since grown from 28 to more than 500.

“We now gave seniors coming from as far away as Southend, Luton, Nottingham ..everywhere, says Janice. The theme is Caribbean and the energy is Caribbean and the food you eat is Caribbean.

“One English lady said it was one of the best experiences she’s ever had, she’s been coming every month”.

Ageless Teenagers first received £10,000 from to h red National Lottery after one of the group’s volunteers put in a bid. Weininger explains that its success wouldn’t have been possible without The National Lottery’s players, who raise around £30 million each week for good causes like this.

Since the first Lottery draw took place in 1994, more than £4 billion has been raised for initiatives in the area of arts, sports, heritage and community.

“When people play The National Lottery , they are just thinking about what they are going to win as opposed to what they are doing for the community “, says Weininger.

“Xxxx but they’ve given Ageless Teenagers so much opportunity. We can take this to a National level

it’s so much more than an afternoon tea party. We’ve created a space where we seniors can let their hair downs s enjoy a mix of fun and friendship”, says Weininger. And that in turn created a powerful concoction of better wellbeing and better energy.

In addition to line dancing classes, they’ll have the chance to do karate, athletics and yoga as well as acting.

“We’re getting our seniors out of social isolation and into an environment where they really bloom – and the funding from The National Lottery will help us do so much more”.

Watching Mrs P waltz around the dance floor is testament to how successful the project has been in transforming lives.

‘Every time I go, I feel more energetic’.

“I came to the UK in 1961 from Jamaica,” says Mrs Palmer-Wade, 93, from east London.

“I live on my own, and before I started coming to Ageless Teenagers, I spent most of my time at home.

My children were always suggesting to me ‘ Mum why don’t you go to some sort of club. You could meet some new people and enjoy yourself’. I always said “No, no I’m quite comfortable here”. I just wanted to be by myself. “But in the end they persuaded me to go and I liked it very much. Now I always count my fingers to see when the second Friday of the month comes so I can dress up and go along.

Every time I leave there I feel more energetic. It’s really improved both my life and health. I feel young again!“

To find out how playing makes a difference visit

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