From a cup of tea to competition!

Well Well Well. Who would of thought. A question of "what is that for!" (referring to the indoor rowing machine) asked by an inquisitive senior to now a group of 20+ seniors that now are preparing to row in the British Rowing Indoor Championships (BRIC).

Weininger Irwin a Community Exercise Officer said "I'm elated and proud as this group was started organically." "They impress me each week here at Row T Tuesdays."

It's excellent as they get physical and then have a cup of tea and a dose of "social medicine" which is a good talk/fellowship with their peers. Mrs Hazel Parkin our most senior rower at 86 years young leads the way! She's always first into the community hub, as she ditches her walking stick and gets on the rowing machine to warm up, a few stretches later, she then completes her 2000m distance with a smile.

We cannot thank the Liberty Shopping Centre and the Queen Elizabeth Line enough for their help as Cool Rowings will be fundraising to get more indoor rowing machines and entry fees for BIRC. These Ageless Teenagers are really really "Cool Rowers!" changing the norm and smashing stereotypes. Come and support them Saturday 10th December 2022 at the Lea Valley Velodrome. Book here

Want to join our Row T Tuesday session find out more at

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