Ageless Teenagers 2017

Ageless Teenagers (AT) is an initiative devised for all seniors in the community and as been going since October 2017. Originally called 3M,s (Movement Movie Meal) but we soon learned that our seniors after digesting their afternoon tea all they really wanted to do was socialise as opposed to watching a movie.
It started as a Caribbean Tea Party for the Windrush Generation to come and enjoy an afternoon together and has grown from the initial 28 to 400+ in a very short time! It is now, so much more, creating a space and place for seniors to let their hair down and enjoy the mix of fun and love.
With our wealth of experience, enthusiasm and intergenerational work we bring the teenagers of now with the AT of then and it creates a powerful concoction of well-being and energy.
It goes without saying with the help of our volunteers, we organise fundraisers, AT community-building events, and provide an environment where AT feel at home.

Ageless Teenagers 2017

See us on the National Lottery video AT 53 seconds & 63 seconds here



Phone: 01708 755 283

Location: Liberty Shopping Centre

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