Ageless Teenagers 2019

Withe the support of the community we were voted the winners of the ITV People's Project (see media). Ageless Teenagers first received an awards for all from the National Lottery after one of the group’s volunteers put in a bid. Weininger explains that its success wouldn’t have been possible without The National Lottery’s players, who raise around £30 million each week for good causes like this.

Since the first Lottery draw took place in 1994, more than £4 billion has been raised for initiatives in the area of arts, sports, heritage and community.

“When people play The National Lottery , they are just thinking about what they are going to win as opposed to what they are doing for the community “, says Weininger.
“ but they’ve given Ageless Teenagers so much opportunity. We can take this to a National level
it’s so much more than an afternoon tea party. We’ve created a space where we seniors can let their hair downs s enjoy a mix of fun and friendship”, says Weininger. And that in turn created a powerful concoction of better wellbeing and better energy.
In addition to line dancing classes, they’ll have the chance to do karate, athletics and yoga as well as acting.

Ageless Teenagers 2019

See us on the National Lottery video AT 53 seconds & 63 seconds here



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